Pool Features

Cookie Stake provides enterprise-class stability and performance by implementing 100% dedicated hardware and multiple levels of redundancy.
Cookie Stake is 99.95% Uptime

99.95% Uptime

Cookie Stake is Dedicated Hardware

Dedicated Hardware

Cookie Stake is Automatic Backups

Automatic Backups

Cookie Stake is Multi-layer Security

Multi-layer Security

Cookie Stake is DDoS Mitigation

DDoS Mitigation

Cookie Stake is 24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Cookie Stake is Server Redundancy

Server Redundancy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why delegate to Cookie Stake?

Driven by our passion for the Cardano ecosystem, Cookie Stake aims to provide a highly professional staking service that is reliable and profitable for delegators.
We’ve got an experienced team of developers and system engineers operating the stake pool infrastructure. As a participant, you can be assured that our stake pools will be up and running 24/7.

What is pledging?

Pledging is the act of stake pool operators having their own ADA as part of the pool’s stake. The higher the amount of ADA pledged, the more rewards the pool will receive.
During pool registration, stake pool operators may opt to pledge some or all of their stake to make their pool more attractive.

What is stake pool saturation?

Saturation is a term used to indicate that a particular stake pool has more stake delegated to it than is ideal for the network. Once a pool reaches the point of saturation, it will offer diminishing rewards.
You can check out our current pool saturation HERE.

How many ADA will I be able to earn?

The overall annual return on ADA should be around 5% as per current protocol parameters. The amount of ADA you can earn is not fixed, it depends greatly on the following factors:
- Amount of ADA staked
- Performance of the stake pool
- Percentage of fee the stake pool charges

What is the minimum ADA I can stake?

The minimum requirement for staking is 10 ADA. Please note that an additional 2 ADA deposit and ~0.17 tx fee are also required when delegating for the first time.

How long does it take to receive my first rewards?

For any change in delegation, the rewards are reflected after 4 epoch transitions (15-20 days).
For example, if you staked in epoch X, your first reward will show up at the start of X+4.
After the initial wait time, you can expect to receive rewards at the end of every epoch (5 days).

Will the ADA rewards I earn be added to my delegate stake?

Yes. After you have delegated your stake to a particular stake pool, the rewards you earn are automatically staked to the pool as part of your delegation. This goes true for any new funds received from the wallet as well.
Any balance change in the wallet will be automatically captured as part of the snapshot and incur updated rewards after 15-20 days.